Discover the benefits of using Mentortools for your online courses and training

It doesn’t matter if you are a coach, trainer, athlete, accountant, artist, designer or youtuber. The bottom line is that you have skills and experience that you can share through the online world with people who are hungry for knowledge that you are an expert in.

If you want to make money by sharing your know-how, with Mentortools you can create a professional online academy in a few hours – even without technical knowledge.

Mentortools is a software for Czech-Slovak entrepreneurs who want to offer their customers a quality membership section with unique digital products such as. courses and e-books.

Working with Mentortools is easy and the online academy is intuitive for end customers. Your customers register for the academy and have access to all your paid and free products in their membership section, as well as
to the discussion forum.

Let’s go over the basic features of Mentortools that will help you create your membership section in a matter of hours.

Create a unique personalised design for your members section

You can set the design of the members’ section to copy the design from your website while keeping your company colours, graphics and logo, or simply use predefined templates to make the work of creating the members’ section easier and faster.

Choose the appropriate type of course/digital product

Unlike other software, the number of courses you can offer in your members section is unlimited. You also decide what format they will take.

Types of your online products in Mentortools:

Online products available in the members section

  • free courses (mini-courses/lead-magnets) or paid courses,
  • subscription courses combined with a discussion forum,
  • Courses can be with gradual unlocking of content and also with setting a limit of access in days.

Online products hidden in the members section –

  • so-called secret courses – shared only for selected clients or employees, access only through a special link.

To make the course content relevant and entertaining, you can of course incorporate educational formats such as videos, photos, audio recordings and quizzes, or pdfs in the so-called. protected reader (without the possibility of copying or sharing your know-how).

Take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) features

Mentortools was among the first to integrate AI features to make the job of creating online content easier. Artificial intelligence helps you to create a tailor-made course structure in a few steps, inspires you and you can take this generated course structure directly or even modify it to your desired form. In the near future, the AI in Mentortools will also help you create scripts for videos or quizzes.

Liven up your courses with self-assessment quizzes

Use quizzes to find out if students have spent enough time studying. Quizzes are a great motivator to learn and meet deadlines, and you also get feedback on whether your learning is clear. You can also use the test results to award certificates.

Create a closed community for your members

Your clients can also take advantage of additional learning opportunities directly in discussion forums, effectively replacing social networking groups. The discussion forums in Mentortools are entirely in your control and your posts are not subject to social networking algorithms.

Discussion forums are thematically categorized. This makes it easy for customers to navigate through them and find relevant content even after a long time.

You can make the discussion forums accessible to anyone with an account in your academy or link the community to a specific fee-based course. Then only the customers of the purchased course get to discuss, which improves the quality of learning and interaction with you as the expert, but also between the students and each other.

Take advantage of marketing features and promote your services

Marketing plans, called sales funnels, help you create an entire sales funnel – from landing pages, opt-ins to sending emails with access details – set up inside Mentortools in just a few hours.

You can personalize the main product dashboard that every customer/member sees. There is also a menu at the top of the panel, which can contain e.g.:

  • link to your website,
  • link to your e-shop,
  • link to your social networks,
  • link to private discussion forums, etc.

On the homepage, you can also share with clients the latest information about the news on offer, in the so-called shout-out box. This way, information about your promotions or new products reaches everyone as soon as they log in to their account.

For beginners in online business, Mentortools offers landing page creation. With these simple pages, you build out your entire customer journey and automate the promotion and sales of your digital products. This way, you can create an opt-in process directly in Mentortools to get email leads from clients and then present your products that the customer can buy right away.

Link your Mentortools Academy to your own domain

Even a beginner without a domain can create and share an online course offer in a few days. Mentortools will offer you a domain generated from your first and last name. You can add your own domain for the members section at any later time.


Integrate Mentortools with other software for full automation

Directly link your academy to your email marketing tool and payment software through the integration settings. In this way, your online academy is fully integrated into the sales process and your product sales work 24 hours a day while you focus on your clients and business growth.

If a customer completes an opt-in for a free product or purchases a paid product, they automatically get access to the members’ area where they can see your complete digital product offering.


Other features and services you will appreciate from Mentortools:


  • Automatic sending of access data in the welcome email
  • Legalities (Privacy Policy, cookie banner) in your member section settings simply fill in all legalities once, which automatically show themselves where necessary
  • MENTORTOOLS BIZNIS PROGRAM, is a marketing academy where you will find a lot of practical technical and strategic practices – free for Mentortools users
  • Expert technical and strategic support – through customer support, Mentortools online courses and individual coaching programmes
  • Freeorientation consultation for new Mentortools users
  • Busy entrepreneurs will appreciate the possibility of partial or complete technical setup of the members’ section by the Mentortools team or free migration from another software/from another online academy to Mentortools

Price Mentortools

No tariffs and restrictions. One price (49 € excl. VAT/month) for all, with unlimited features.

Creating an online academy in your own members’ area presents an excellent opportunity for customers to access valuable information and training materials. The benefits of an online academy are obvious and can help your business maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace in providing a valuable customer service.

Thanks to the availability of the online academy, you can sell 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can also start your membership section with online courses alongside your work or “offline” business.

Try creating your own free online academy for 14 days.



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