WP Rocket – after migration the site is broken

WP Rocket - after migration the site is broken

I recently migrated a customer’s website from a competitor’s hosting to WebSupport. After the migration, the site stopped working for non-logged-in visitors.

It worked correctly for those who signed up. However, for those not logged in, only a white screen was displayed instead of the page. So I looked into why it wasn’t working. WP Rocket caching plugin was used on the site. So the first thing I did was to clear the cache. Didn’t help.

So I turned on the debug mode on the page and searched further. However, no error appeared in the log. I was clueless. This hasn’t happened to me during migration yet, every page has always worked the first time with no problems.

I thought I’d try deactivating and reactivating WP Rocket. After that, everything suddenly started working as it should.

Despite this problem, I recommend WP Rocket for web caching with all ten, I use it myself on my company website.

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