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Ľubomír LaššákMy name is Ľubomír Laššák, I am the creator and operator of this WordPress blog. I started creating it at the beginning of 2019, back then as a part of my company website, through which I offer my services, especially website creation and management. Over time, I separated all the articles about WordPress from this company blog and placed them on a new separate domain wpblog.sk. This has made the domain a universal WordPress blog for a variety of authors. The primary topic of the blog is
WordPress for beginners
. For advanced WordPress users, I recommend the wpgeek.sk portal.

However, in order to run this website and bring articles to its readers for free, I need to fund it somehow. Therefore, some of the links on this WordPress blog belong to an affiliate marketing system. This means that if you click on such a link and at the same time purchase a product/service from that page, I will earn a small commission. However, the price of your purchase will remain the same, regardless of whether you access the site through an affiliate link or go to the seller’s site directly.

You can also support WPblog by making a small donation to ko-fi.com.

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