Divi vs. Elementor. How are they different and which is better?

Elementor vs Divi

– two very popular and widely used drag and drop page builders. How are they different and which is better? Let’s take a look.


1. Price and licence


Elementor has a huge advantage for beginners in that it offers a free version. You can download and install Free Elementor on your WP and start working. You can even use it for small web business cards. But if you want to build a pro, functional website with Elementor, be sure to invest $59/year and buy Elementor Pro.

Elementor offers annual licenses for 1, 3, 25 and 1000 sites.

Elementor price


Divi, on the other hand, offers an annual payment of $89/year for unlimited sites or a lifetime license of $249/year for unlimited sites. And now you can also get Divi Pro (includes Divi + AI module + Divi Cloud + premium support) for $287/year or $365 for a lifetime license. Which can be a huge advantage for many users. You pay once and you’re done.

10% discount

Divi, one of the most popular WordPress themes in conjunction with its page builder, makes it easy to create a site you'll be proud of.

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On the other hand, Divi doesn’t offer any “free” version, but you can download a demo version of the builder on the official Divi website to test how it works and whether it will suit you.

Divi price



2. Template


Elementor is basically a plugin that you install in your WP, but you still need a suitable WP template for it to work. There is a plethora of templates in WP, but not all of them are suitable for working with Elementor. If you only work with Elementor Free, go for the Hello Elementor or Astra template . If you are working with Elementor Pro or plan to in the future, be sure to reach for the Hello Elementor template.


Divi builder already has a template in it, so you don’t need another one. Many of you may see this as an advantage.


3. Creating

Web development is quite similar in both builders. Both builders are based on the drag and drop principle, you can see how the page looks like right away, and you can touch the CSS in both builders and fine-tune the creation according to your needs.

With Elementor it’s definitely easier to find your way around the different modules and elements faster, with Divi it seems a bit more complicated. But both are very intuitive and something different may suit everyone.


4. Support and updates

Both builders have great support and the developers really step into the development. When one comes up with an improvement, we often see a similar improvement in the other in time.


5. Differences?

Even though Elementor is much younger, its popularity is growing fast and it often comes out with new stuff before Divi. Elemenotr’s developers are constantly improving the performance of the builder and trying to make Elemenrot faster and lighter. A major improvement to Divi, in this area, is expected from the release of the major major update Divi 5.0., which is eagerly awaited by Divi users.

Among other things, both builders can find e.g. Theme creator (which allows you to edit e.g. header, footer, 404 page), both also have the ability to save pages, sections, modules to the library and thus save you a lot of work. With both you also have the option of purchasing their own hosting.

Then there are a number of little things that one builder has and the other doesn’t. And vice versa. For example, Elementor has the ability to set up Maintenance mode when you are just creating a website and with Divi you need another plugin for that.


6. Translation

Both builders have Czech version. However, with Divi, the translation is quite cumbersome and if you want to avoid this, I recommend downloading the chilled thema from WP Lama, which has a good quality Czech translation for Divi.


7. Layouts

Not a web design pro, don’t have a flair for colour? Never mind, Divi and Elementor both offer a large number of layouts for these cases. Elementor offers some in the free version, but the Pro version has many more of course.


8. Community

The developers, the designers of both builders, are educating their community and constantly pushing and improving the builders.

And both builders have a large supportive community in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which is always happy to give you advice. For Divi it is e.g. Facebook group Divi CZ/SK and for Elementor e.g. Facebook group WordPress for beginners, where you can ask anything about WordPress.


9. Responsiveness

Nowadays, a very important thing that no website can do without. Both builders support responsive design and each section, module can be customized to the smallest detail for tablets and mobile phones.


10. Conclusion

Unfortunately I can’t tell you which builder is better. Both are great and thousands of sites have been created on each. Feel them, try them out and see for yourself which one suits you better. Either way, with both builders you can create beautiful, modern and functional websites.

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